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CNG Trucks
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CLYDE is a medium-duty Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) truck supplier for the transportation industry. Our product line includes medium-duty CNG powered trucks classes 4-8, refuse trucks for any need and fueling apparatus including stations. Our goal is to put customers in CNG trucks cost-effectively and hassle free.

Made in America

90% of all the money spent on your vehicle goes into the fuel tank. Our trucks are built in America, but most importantly they use America’s Fuel, Natural Gas.

Save Money

The long-term stability and low prices for natural gas relative to oil will remain for many years – even decades, a century. Volatility and short-term declines in crude oil and related gasoline and diesel prices mask the underlying long-term oil supply-demand imbalance. Ignoring this reality and deferring investment in Natural Gas Vehicles only delays the economic benefits and long-term fuel price stability that only natural gas can deliver as a transportation fuel. Read More

Energy Security

Energy independence is imperative for our nation. This is attainable using domestically produced natural gas as transportation fuel. With 70% of our petroleum consumption (3.5 BILLION barrels/year) used for transportation, this is where we can have the greatest impact. Already used as a clean source of energy around the world, natural gas is America’s most abundant resource and is proven to be a cost-saving alternative fuel. Buying vehicles that run on natural gas will pave the way to energy independence.

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Lower Emissions

In addition to saving money, switching to natural gas dramatically reduces emissions for the vehicle owner and benefits everyone in the community. A natural gas vehicle will improve air quality through dramatic reductions in emissions, such as:

  • Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 20% to 30%
  • Reducing carbon monoxide (CO) emissions up to 75%
  • Reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions by approximately 50%
  • Reducing up to 95% of particle matter (PM) emissions
  • Reducing volatile organic compound (VOCs) emissions by 55%

Compressed Natural Gas is the better choice.

Our CNG Medium-duty Trucks

Manufactured in the United States, our truck models include a 14,500 GVW, a 17,950 GVW and a 19,500 GVW, with a standard tank package that provides a range of over 500 miles. These are ideal for commercial deliveries such as food, beverage, paper products, municipalities, highway departments, and parks departments.

See the Natural Gas Incentive Programs for New York and Florida
NYT-VIP   FL Rebate Program

Cost Savings Comparison Calculator

Significant fuel savings can be achieved by switching to Natural gas. The calculator below gives you an idea on how much you could save by switching

Average Miles Per Year

Average Diesel MPG

Diesel Pump Cost

Natural Gas Cost

These are estimates and prices will.


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